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Economic Automatic Concrete Block Production Line
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Economic Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

REIT economic automatic concrete block production line is used for the manufacturing of various pavers, kerbstones, hollow and solid blocks, etc. It consists of three main parts, including batching and mixing plant, concrete block making machine and controlling system.

1. We manufacture this concrete block production line using advanced German technology, with our own proprietary intellectual property right.
2. This equipment is known for high automation, high productivity, great reliability and low failure rate
3. Our product is accompanied by superior customer service, so you can feel secure in your purchase.

More Information
International markets: the Middle East, Libya, Algeria, Indonesia, India, Russia, Pakistan, South Korea, North Korea, USA, etc.
Certificates: CE and ISO9001
Time of finishing an order: 2-3 months
Payment term: T/T and L/C
Spare parts: free spare parts within the warranty period 
Voltage requirement: according to customer's specific requirements

REIT RTQT9, RTSQD12, RTSQT6, RTSQT4 block machine is used for economic automatic production line to have different capacity of production lines. It's designed for small scale investment. This production line is made up of reduced parts, which effectively lowers the cost. However, it requires more workers. The REIT economical automatic concrete block production line includes four parts
(1) Batching and mixing plant
(2) Concrete block making machine
(3) Mobile stacking device
(4) Controlling system

(1) Batching and mixing plant
There are two sets of batching and mixing equipment for base concrete and face concrete separately. All materials used, like aggregate, cement and pigment, are weighed automatically and accurately through computer control. The mixer is twin shaft horizontal type.
It is essential for high quality final products. Special Features
In technique
Accurate weighing
Even and quick mixing

In equipment
All material are weighed and controlled by computer
Twin shaft horizontal mixer

(2) Concrete block making machine
Compacting and vibrating system-Block making machine The block making machine uses advanced vibration technology and REIT patent multi-shaft vibrator, resulting in even vibration on the table. The frequency and amplitude are variable according to different materials and different products. With foam plate insert device, the block machine can produce heat insulation blocks. The cycle time is greatly shortened due to the utilization of hydraulic driven fast feeding device and REIT low speed cruising control technology.
This part is key for high quality products.

Special Features
In technique
Advanced vibration technology
Variable frequency and amplitude
Vibration isolation
Low speed cruising control

In equipment
Multi-shafts vibrator with high frequency
Inverter control
Floating vibration table
Hydraulic driving two arms feeding system
Advanced PLC control system

(3) Mobile Stacking Device
This device is designed to transport the pallets with wet products and stack them automatically, two pallets once. It is of bridge frame structure and is controlled by PLC. Two sets of holders at both side of frame hold pallets with wet products. Under the both supports there are two sets of driving and driven wheels.

(4) Electric Control Group
The electric control group adopts world famous brand PLC and the power unit is housed in a control desk. The desk includes joy-sticks for manual machine operation and an integrated display for data input, output and error diagnosis system. The color monitor is equipped with user-friendly interface and diagram display, which makes it convenient and effective for the operator to operate and control the whole production line. The concrete block production line can be controlled fully automatically, semi-automatically and manually through this control group. It is the I/O operator and machine.

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